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About Psychics-Live

Psychics-Live has been in existence since 1998, this makes us one of the original psychic sites on the internet. It was somewhat obvious to us that the psychic world could connect with many more people who needed us by using the immense power of the information super highway.

If you have a look HERE you can see the age of the site. Now obviously since those early days, the site has undergone numerous changes and refinements. This just satisfies governing bodies such as the Advertising Standards Agency that we are legitimate in our claims that the site has been around for many years. This is our latest and we believe best site design and incarnation.

Here today we integrate phone psychics, email psychic reads & psychic academy training to help those who would like to tap into their own psychic ability and we also continue to use new and emerging technologies with text a psychic service coming soon. Have a look at our psychic services page to get more information on what we offer and of course, please feel free to browse our growing psychic directory of psychic articles.

Our phone clairvoyant psychics and tarot readers are all wonderful human beings who are able to make that amazing connection, use their skills and intuition to  offer advice and guidance at times when we all need some extra insight or support.

Thank you for visiting with us and we look forward to you becoming a regular visitor and good friend.

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