what is a medium

What is a Medium?

The question often asked is what exactly is a medium or probably more accurately what is a psychic medium? A medium is literally channel or a conduit for receiving a message. Usually this message is from a person or persons who have died. You will often hear a medium more gently referring instead of the term “death” (far too hard and final) instead preferring to comment on  someone who has “passed over”. This term passed over refers to the leaving of the earthly plane and inhabiting our physical bodies to a new ethereal plane, or where we exist in spirit.

There are different types of medium in the same way that we have different psychics or way of tapping into our psychic abilities such as different types of clairvoyance, different psychics and different ways of reading tarot cards. One of the most interesting to witness first-hand is that of a trance channeller, this is where the medium goes into a light hypnotic trance and allows the essence of the spirit they are connecting with to use their entire body as a conduit. You will see physical shifts in the body language, speech and demeanour of the medium as they act as a channel and the spirit in question is able to deliver their message in a more direct way using the body of the medium. This is different to possession, as the transfer of the message is not only allowed but is welcomed by the medium. Think about the character of Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost to get an idea of this. Though please remember, this is a character in a film and not the actions of a legitimate psychic or medium, but it gives you a point of fun reference.

The psychic mediums who are able to channel offer this as a personal service are via one-to-one readings. A more traditional medium is often seen on television shows interacting with audiences and delivering first-hand messages from loved ones, usually sharing personal insights and information only the person who has passed over would be able to know. This type of medium interaction is also available from psychic mediums through quality telephone psychic lines. This is where the medium connects with those in spirit to relay messages in a less direct method.

A psychic medium will often describe their ability as either hearing a voice or sensing the presence of someone on what may be generically termed as “the other side”. Again this “other side” reference indicates another plane of existence. All psychics genuinely believe they have proof that there is life after physical death. This knowledge can be of immeasurable comfort to someone who may be living with a terminal illness or for someone who has lost a close friend or family member. Knowing that our physical death is by no means the end, can be of great comfort and relief. Speaking with the psychic can often help alleviate the natural grieving process and provide a great deal of comfort for those left behind.

A psychic medium will receive a message from the person who has passed they will relay the message to you, they will be able to share information the only the departed would know and this is all designed to allow you proof of the psychic connection taking place. After this usually a message from the departed is then relayed which will have some relevance to any questions that you may have outstanding, or just to share some knowledge that the person passed into spirit still has a connection with you.

Why not speak with a medium today and make that connection for yourself. For the first time fear of death may also for you become a thing of the past. Love & Light, xx

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