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Psychic Tests - proving psychic ability

The debate on psychics rages on between believers and non-believers. It is for the purpose of conclusively proving that there are psychics in the world, psychic tests have been invented. Psychic tests are designed to judge the ability of a psychic, verifying claims of powers such as clairvoyance, premonitions and more.

Some psychics say they have strong feelings of premonition, able to feel something about the future. Other psychics receive “vibes” from their clients and are able to comment on what the future holds. Others can communicate with those who have passed (Mediums) and then there are variation of hearing, seeing and feeling psychic messages (clairovoyance, clairaudience and clairsentients). The psychic world is full of archaic terms and references to so check out the psychic live glossary pages if you need any help.

Psychic training centers exist to wean out the psychics from the population through various psychic tests. Though, many believe that being psychic is actually a latent ability available within all of us, simply tapping into this inner resource is all that is needed to be able to unleash this amazing inner power.
The psychic tests being used are mired in controversy. The skeptics seek to disprove psychic ability and indeed all paranormal events. On the other side of the equation are those who simply wish to verify their level of psychic skill to see if they are psychic or have the ability to improve further.

There are those of the scientific community that believe it is not possible to determine if a psychic has a gift or not. Measuring a psychic ability is different from measuring other things. Sometimes, spirituality relies more on belief than science.

The most popular test is the symbol test or the Zener card test. Cards printed with colors or symbols are arranged on the table. The tester picks up one card and the psychic has to predict the image on the card that has been chosen. More often a test of telepathy than traditional extra sensory psychic skills, this is one favored by the skeptics.
Another test is the multiple-choice test, which features questions and personal topics. The validity of the test is widely discussed, with many people refuting assumptions that it works.

There is also the psychic psi game, wherein answers to predetermined questions are locked in small boxes. The would be psychic has to select the box that holds the correct answer to a posed question. The test is performed many times and the number of right responses highlights the psychic abilities of the person.
Irrespective of whether you believe in psychics or not, you have to admit that psychics in the news have done some amazing things. Sites like Psychic Live have made it their mission to accumulate the best psychics that have passed rigorous testing.

We prefer to offer Psychic training courses to help with psychic development, using it as nurturing ground for the psychic power latent within all of us. For those of you who are already using your psychic gift or honing your craft, if you would like to share it with our visitors, then we offer a simple psychic test reading process.

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