Psychic Forums - Beta Testing

Psychic forums - open for business and in beta testing


We have just launched the psychic forums (or re-launched) using different software, please come visit. We are offering a FREE psychic reading every week for guests and members. Simply log in and post your question into the free question area and one of our psychics will respond!

Psychic forums and beta testing stage

If you have any feedback please drop us an email to [email protected] if you have any problems then let us know please, we just keep trying to set this up so it works so any problems please do let us know and we can have our tech chap see what he can come up with.

Psychic forums are FREE

There is not a charge to use the psychic forums and you can add and create your own topics and subjects, as long as it is related to the psychic world then feel free to create and engage to your hearts content. You can post as a guest or why not join the psychics live community and register to become a member, it grants you even more access and you can even create your own profiles.

Psychic forums are open to everyone with an interest in the Psychic world. We want to open this site up and create a dynamic community and you are all very welcome. We look forward to seeing you.

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Psychics Live Forums - oops!

We are very very very sorry. In all the bluster and fanfare and excitement of launching Psychics Live new forums, we let our guard down and did not follow due care and diligence and sufficient testing before announcing the formal launch.

The simple fact is, the forums were not ready as previously advised. In fact because we haven’t tested them thoroughly enough they actually crashed the site! So, lesson learned in the forums (as you probably already noticed) are not actually live at the moment but saying that, they will be going live in due course. This will be after detailed testing and checks to make sure they are integrated into the site and that there are easy to use and provide the service that we want to become recognised for.

The telephone lines are still open you can feel free to talk to our live psychics 24 hours a day seven days a week, they are available now are waiting to help and to take your call. Thank you everyone few patience and we will update you as and when the forums are up and running. Please continue to follow us on twitter to get the latest updates site-wide.

Love and light

The psychics live team xx



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Psychic Forums are live!

Exciting time as Psychic Forums launch on the new psychics-live site!

It’s a very exciting time here at psychics live is a lot is happening. We are delighted to announce that our forums have been launched in the trial phase, lots of our twitter followers have been asking questions and we thought that this facility would really allow us to and so more detailed questions than the 140 characters within twitter currently allows.

The forums are open to all, there is no need to register you don’t need that need to be a member of the site and you don’t need to use any other psychic lives facilities. Of course accurate and gifted readers are available the telephone readings should you wish to avail yourself of one of them.

Please note; questions are limited to 1 per week per forum member/visitor. Please do allow to 3 days for a response during the week (not including weekends). You can choose to have any responses e-mailed to you to save you having to check back on the site itself.

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Psychic Jobs - coming soon on Psychics Live

Psychic Jobs and a psychic career opportunity at Psychics Live

We have had a look around and we have found some gaps within the industry for really good Psychics to actually get the recognition and access to a diverse client base that they deserve. We think, and we’re sure you will agree, getting a good psychic job is hard!  It is somewhat like a psychic personality match in so far as an experienced and professional psychic reader needs a good psychic site that values them and offers the right level of client engagement.

The only course of action that seemed logical to the psychics live team was to create a home of quality psychics readers from all disciplines. To pay well, to make the interaction with clients easy and trouble-free and to offer ongoing support, advice and guidance.

Now all that does not happen over night BUT wheels are in motion. The Psychics Live team are busier that ever working to make Psychics Live the best possible site for both our valued clients and our amazing psychic readers. Check back for updates!

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Psychics in the news; the good & bad

Psychics in the news - good, bad and middling

There has been a tiny surge of psychic activity in the news over the last week. psychic skills and power can - like the Doctors scalpel, be used to both heal and harm. No more so is that evident than in the recent news.

The bad Psychic News

On one hand we have the charlatans involved in a 20 year $40,000,000 scam, who allegedly claimed psychic powers to basically defraud wealthy families. 8 people have been charged and are looking at hefty sentences.

The Good Psychic News

On the other hand you have a practising psychic who actively sought to help the police sadly locate the body of a young girl. In instructions to the police that were not entirely dissimilar to psychic sat nav, the psychic literally directed them to where the remains were found and thus, ended the mystery and the missing girl case then became a murder investigation.

Both stories have generate a furore of activity and shouts of indignation, in fact a state in the USA has already passed much stricter laws for psychics who wish to practice there, citing incidents around returned jewellery and other requests for police involvement after what appears to be barter payment for services.

The general reactions from local psychics - one of indignation and dismay? Far from it, they on the whole welcome any legislation that minimises tricksters. You see, we are as keen to promote ethical behaviour, usually more so than “official” bodies.

The Ugly Psychic News

Of course the big sceptics teams are always happy to jump on the negativity bandwagon, using any story to further debunk “psychic claims” and “prove” that every psychic be that phone psychic, tarot reader, medium or clairvoyant is out to rob Granny and dip their thieving paws into the family silver.

The instances where terrific psychics do help - and for many genuine psychics this is on a daily basis - go ignored, not a single comment to be heard anywhere from the detractors. I wonder why?

Psychics ability is a wonderful gift - and it can be use to genuinely help, anyone who has needed help and guidance and who has contacted a psychic phone line will attest to that. 1 in 7 Americans has at some point called a psychic advisor to ask for help, comfort and guidance. The same numbers we would suspect are true in the UK and across the rest of the western world.

We are not Gods and we are not demons, we are people who love, care and want to help. Maybe if some of the sceptics started to think of us as human beings rather than a mass enemy, it would be healthier all round.

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New site - coming together for pre-launch

The new psychics live site is coming together in the final stages of design. We think we will be on target for a full weekend launch this coming weekend! We have just launched our twitter page as well - follow us @psychics_live if you would like to get the latest updates from us.

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New Psychics Live site launch!

The new site is almost complete and we are planning a more official launch this coming weekend. We are thinking of offering a lucky visitor 5 free email readings with Karma, one of our leading clairvoyant psychics, details of the competition will be posted and how to apply to win this terrific prize this coming weekend. Keep an eye out on twitter for updates.

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