Telephone Psychic Reading Guide

Before you pick up the phone and actually initiate contact for one of the many available psychic phone readings, you should explore the possibilities.

Heres a summary of a few of the more popular selections for those seeking psychic phone readings:

Clairvoyance This French term, which translates as “clear seeing,” is the most commonly used expression and it is often used to describe general psychic ability. A true clairvoyant has the ability to “see” an image from the past, present, or future.

Tarot Cards Each card in a deck of Tarot cards has an assigned astrological and numeric significance. The universally influenced pictures on Tarot cards can include symbols from ancient world cultures, such as Yin and Yang, the Chinese symbol of balance, the Egyptian Ankh, Europes royal hierarchy, and the Hebrew Kabbalah.

Medium For those desiring to contact a loved one who is no longer a part of the physical world, a psychic medium is needed to communicate in another realm or dimension. Family members often find peace with unresolved emotions and questions around the departure of a loved one when consulting a psychic medium.

Psychic Astrologer The psychic astrologer is not only an expert in the mathematical system of the zodiac, but they also specialize in offering insight and making predictions. Your natal birth chart, based on the unique position of the planets and patterns of energy at the date, time, and place of birth, serves as a guide for the psychic astrologer to maximize the benefits and minimize the consequences in your life.

Channeler A genuine channeler is unique in the psychic world. They have a beneficial relationship with spirit guides and guardian angels and receive direct messages of advice and teachings. The thought is that a guardian angel serves to protect a person from harm and a spirit guide seeks to provide knowledge in order to guide one on their path to spiritual enlightenment.

I Ching One of the least recognized and yet most highly regarded and ancient messaging systems for psychic readers is I Ching. The 3,000-year Eastern philosophical reading that balances the male/active energy, referred to as Yang, and the female/receptive energy, referred to as Yin, has 64 hexagram configurations.

Runes This ancient alphabet consisting of a combination of Germanic, Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian letters is derived from the Old English/Norse word “run,” translated as mystery. Today psychics use Runes as a tool for aiding in predictions.

Numerology Using your birth date and the numeric value of the letters corresponding in your name, a psychic can derive information about the path and destiny of your life, the challenges and peak moments you may encounter, and how to best use your special skills and talents.

Dream Interpretation Whether its a vividly clear, yet complicated, dream or a recurring dream you would like interpreted, a qualified psychic in this field can assist you in unraveling the mysteries of the sleeping subconscious and how it reflects upon the deeper aspects of your waking life.

Angel / Spirit Guides Intuition is the special gift this psychic uses to assist others in making compassionate and loving changes in their lives through angel and spirit guides. Either the message from the guide is communicated to the psychic and passed on to the seeker, or the psychic provides the tools needed for the person asking the question to receive the guidance directly.

Remember, think about what area you would like help with, if you have a good idea already then check out our Psychics Live Online now.

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