Psychic Game

One of the most popular psychic assessment tests have been zener cards. For many years, this has been the foundational test, it operates from a predictive approach which may demonstrate clairvoyance or if working with another person, this could be an indicator of telepathy.

Have a go with our computer generated version of this test below. We believe everyone has innate psychic ability, that like some of our other losses in evolution, psychic reactions are not as required in the modern world, but that they do loiter beneath the surface and with focus, our psychic abilities can be awoken. Zener cards and other psychic tests may help to show how close to the surface your psychic skills are! Click the start button, see if you can predict which card is coming up next.

Of course this game is just a little bit of fun but some of our visitors have been astounded by the results, how many are you able to predict out of 25?
If you would like to learn more about developing your psychic skills and how to be psychic then check out our articles and remember our psychic training is coming soon.

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