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Psychic FAQs - frequently asked questions to help you

We have been a part of the online psychic community since back in 1999 and we have accumulated a lot of answers to questions from our clients over that time. Below are some of those questions we have been asked over the years and we hope these will help you.

The Psychic FAQ’s will be updated as new questions are asked so if there is anything not covered below and not commented on in the psychic glossary then please feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

Why should I pay for a psychic reading?

A genuine psychic is someone who offers their skills as a service, in the olden times this service was usually offered on a barter system. In the modern world, we all have to make a living in some way. As a psychic service is delivered as a professional one that is why there is a charge attached to it. Psychics do need to adhere to not only codes and practice relevant to their country in terms of call duration, telephone conduct etc but they also have to adhere to quality guidelines and to meet the needs of you, their valued clients. They do need to operate in a professional capacity. It is like getting advice from a lawyer or a psychologist, the source of the information is the element that is a little different but the psychic is still the conduit for that information flow and this is where the service element comes into effect.

What about those offering FREE psychic readings?

There are many reputable sites out there offering FREE psychic readings, these are usually introductory offers and they allow you to trial the service. A word of warning however, usually psychics are not paid for these free minutes. It is typical that the free reading is a set number of minutes during a psychic call and then the charging commences when that time expires. As the psychics are not paid until you start to pay, there are some instances where less than honest psychics may feel compelled or indeed obligated to keep you on the phone longer than is required to fulfil their service to you. Please feel free to have a look at our free psychic false economy article for more information.

How would your Psychic readers deal with situations when a client asks for information related to court cases or crimes?

The short answer is sensitively; all psychic readers will maintain absolute client confidentiality. There is no morale standpoint or judgement and there are a number of reasons why a client may ask a question relating to a legal matter, depending on which side of the law they may perceived to be on. Remember, psychic advice is not an alternative to legal advice or medical advice for health matters. Our aim is to uncover elements relating to cause and effect, not to necessarily predict outcomes (though this may be a requirement and a gifted psychic can certainly indicate how the fates of destiny are moving in regards to the case in question.) You may also want to connect with someone who has been the victim of crime. There are psychic detectives and experts who can help with this specifically.

Is it best to pay for my psychic reading on credit card or on my phone bill?

The choice is yours! It depends on how you want to budget and control the expenditure of the reading. If you have quite a quick enquiry, less than 15 minutes then the phone bill option may well be easiest for you. By paying on credit card you can block book minutes so you know how much you have set aside time wise and how much you have spent ahead of time. Sometimes, it helps to explore a more complex issue with additional time and no pressure and again, pre payment with credit card can work out more cost effective for you. Phone readings can only last for 20 minutes this is regulated by ICTIS and Phoneplay plus. Credit card consolations can last up to an hour. Please remember, when adding to the phone bill that you must have the bill payer’s permission and be over 18 years of age. Neither should you forget that your service provider (i.e. BT etc) will add VAT onto your account. You can call back after the initial 20 minutes has expired and speak with the same psychic reader should you wish.

I want proof that you are a genuine psychic – can I test you?

Of course, psychic skills come in many shapes and forms and all of our psychic readers are genuine, ethical and professional psychics. Some are mediums; others use clairvoyance, others scary or use divination tools such as the tarot. If you need any help knowing more about these then please visit our glossary page.

In terms of testing your reader, my apologies, I suspect you may have been a victim of a fraudulent psychic in the past and I can completely understand your need to validate a psychic’s authenticity prior to the reading getting underway. You are open to psychic experiences or you would not even consider speaking with another psychic. This usually indicates that you have already experienced psychic proof previously; we would recommend discussing any concerns you have with the psychic you are drawn to. They will approach each request for help on an individual basis.


If I have a reading, will the psychic ask me lots of questions? I do not think they should as I have read about things like cold reading.

A psychic reading is a dialogue in so far as the psychic will need to at the very least understand the nature of your enquiry. Have a look at our guide, how to get the best from a telephone psychic reading, if you are not sure how to best prepare for a reading or if it is the first time you have used a phone psychic. You will not be “pumped” for information, psychics are sensitive and they may check that the information is making sense for you; this is not dissimilar to a doctor checking your symptoms before homing in on the cause. Cold reading is a scam tactic and is usually employed easiest in face to face interactions as there are certain assumptions that can be made this way by unethical individuals. Telephone psychic readings are far harder to abuse; our psychics are all highly experienced and ethical.


How much should I pay for a psychic reading? Some are a lot cheaper and there are the free ones as well.

This is a personal choice, in the same way as you choose your house, your car, and your clothes. Cheap does not always mean good, in the same way expensive does not always mean value for money. Some of the lower cost sites employ psychics with less developed skills, or who are perhaps made up mainly of advisors rather than actual psychics. We charge fairly so that we can ensure we employ the best possible psychics available, quality is worth the extra as the psychics we work with continue to improve the overall reputation of the site and help with our aim to be the best psychic site available. See above about FREE psychic readings as this is covered there in more detail. Pay what you can afford or to speak to the psychic that has proven to be a good fit for you. If you have not selected a psychic yet then use your own intuition…who are you drawn to? Sometimes there will be no apparent valid reason but run with your instincts, they are guiding you for a reason.


How accurate are your psychic readings?

We have some amazing psychics and they are proud of their accuracy. If you look at the testimonials from some of our cherished clients, you will see how they can determine the benefits they have received from their psychic readings. Accuracy is a very personal measurement, remember, destiny is made up of shifting sands, a psychic will for example advise on best outcomes and the path to take for some questions, for a connection with a medium, if they connect with a loved one, you will be able to determine the accuracy of the information shared. There are many possible outcomes, psychic guidance is just that, help for you to determine the best path open to you. Whether or not you take that path is your choice, life is made of challenges it helps our spiritual growth. We will share our knowledge with honesty and compassion of that you can be assured.


How often should I have a psychic reading?

As often as you require, there are some times in our life where there are more challenges, more issues that need to be resolved and you may naturally need help at this time. We do not offer an alternative to counselling or therapy and we will aim for clients not to become co-defendant, guidance will be offered if a psychic feels that this is happening. You should also never spend more than you can comfortably afford. Planning for your psychic reading will help you get the most from your psychic connection. Having clarity and the right level of information to ask will ensure that the psychic reader can get to the root of your problem or question quickly and efficiently.


Is a telephone psychic reading less or more accurate than a face to face reading?

Neither, they both have their benefits. As you may be looking at a telephone psychic reading, think of it this way. You are not at a psychic fayre where there may be crowds of people distracting you. Cold readers do sometimes appear as face to face psychics, they use visual clues to accelerate their alleged accuracy – telephone psychics do not have this, they really have to focus on you. Listening takes outside distractions much more out of the equation. You are not assessed or pre-judged and neither do you have to make an effort in your appearance, many of our clients call from their own home at whatever hour of the day suits them in total comfort and privacy. You don’t need to book in advance, if you have an issue you can pick up the phone and speak with a trusted psychic advisor right now and gain help needed now.

I think I’m psychic – could I be a psychic reader?

We are all psychic, some psychic skills are more latent in others but there is a power within all of us that we can tap into. If you feel you are psychic and have had experiences, your skills will most likely be easier to tap into. If you would like to develop your skills then have a look at our psychic training course, if you select the professional route then we include on the job training experience for you integrated into that. If your skills reach or can be enhanced to reach our professional standards then you would be welcome to join our small but perfectly formed psychic team. Please note, all psychics are assessed, if you do not reach the required standard we will help you. Most people can apply themselves and see significant improvements in their psychic abilities.


How do I know your readers are genuine?

We test all our readers and ensure that they retain a high level of compliance and competence, feedback from clients determine ongoing “accuracy” but as this is subjective, it is included more in our testimonials. We also have mystery shoppers who regularly conduct readings to ensure the psychics remain at the very highest level of focus and engagement. Our reputation continues to hinge on the quality of our psychics so we only work with the very best for you.


So if you are psychic, why can you not win the lottery then?

Some psychics do specialise in finance, these psychics play the stock markets and other areas to work with financial gain. These psychics have no need or desire to offer help and guidance, this is not their calling. Some know they are psychic and others just put their success down to gut feel or intuition. So some psychics do make a lot of money, the lottery is a random number generator, there are no psychic skills really that can offer this as a prediction, it is not very interesting to the universe.

There are many different types of psychics, skills and tools to tap into psychic powers. Psychic readers are usual compassionate and are drawn to helping people, this usually relates more in the fact that they are not as drawn to wealth and fiscal gain. Even the best psychic readers usually only make average wages, they tend to see their advice and role as being more of a calling than being something that will make them a fortune. As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Wealth after all comes in very many forms.


If a psychic sees something really bad, will they tell me?

If a psychic sees something in your future, such as an accident or illness or some emotional trauma, they will only see it if there is a way of shifting that outcome, so usually they will offer you some advice as to how best to avoid a negative outcome. Usually there is a build up towards and event, if you are speaking with a psychic it is likely that something is gathering momentum and they will of course help and guide you in any way they can. Life is also about learning, some of the “bad” that happens actually turn out to be clouds with silver linings that bring good things afterwards into our lives.


If you see something in my future and I don’t like it, can I change it?

You are in control of your life and your destiny, fate is not fixed. Decisions actions and re-actions are all able to change outcomes. You are absolutely able to change outcomes, this is one of the many benefits of having a psychic reading, and it is there to give you more choice not to limit it.


I feel ill and I want to know what the future holds, can a psychic help me?

A psychic can help and guide on all facets of life but it is not a substitute for any professional help and advice. If you are feeling unwell seek advice from a medical professional in the first instance please. We appreciate that this may be frightening but if you need care of this nature, we would not want to delay you in any way. The same applies to all professional advice necessary.


Can a psychic really see the future?

Yes, they can see an element of your future as it stands now. But the future changes and you are in control of your destiny, speaking with a psychic may help you determine what the best path is for you or what choices may be available to you that you may not currently see.



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